Cedar Crest LogoI have been part of kids & youth camps for almost 30 years. I have found that there is simply no environment quite like camp. Regardless of the season in which the camp program takes place, camp is a catalytic environment for true-life transformation. It provides a setting where students disengage with the distractions of everyday life and engage with God in His creation. Students experience baptism of the Holy spirit powerful worship and faith-filled teachings that draw them into a deeper relationship with Jesus. The activities are intentionally designed to foster community and programming encourages team building.
The camp programs that I create are a compliment to local church ministries by super-charging kid’s church and bolstering youth groups. Simply put . . . #campmatters
This year one of my favorite camps is celebrating 70 years of operation as the premier Foursquare Camp. It’s name is Camp Cedar Crest, located in Running Springs, CA. During those seven decades, tens of thousands of children and youth have received salvation, been filled with the Holy Spirit and called to ministry. If you want more information about camps happening this year at Cedar Crest visit www.swnextgen.com