Category: Families

  • Helping kids through tragedy

    Once again our hearts are grieved by yet another school shooting. Innocence and life were stolen. I was driven to my knees on Friday as I wept and prayed for the families, teachers, and administration of Sandy Hook Elementary School. The senseless violence perpetrated on children, and those who work with children, shook me to…

  • Christmas Tips 2012

    A few years ago, while pastoring in South Orange County CA, I noticed how crazy and chaotic families seemed to behave during this season. It hasn’t changed. Today I watched families rush into Starbucks for a quick “jolt” to get them through their frenzied daily activities. In our modern, high-tech, information saturated society – this…

  • Passionate

     “I’ve known Kelly for years, watching how his passion for Christ and his heart for teens merge, allowing for exciting outreach in ways that could (and should) be duplicated by others.” Bob Waliszewski: Director, Plugged In Focus on the Family