Category: Leadership

  • Experienced

     “Kelly Fellows is a true gift to our world. His breadth of experience allows for a unique blend of compassionate care and strategic thinking that very few are able to consistently live out. Kelly will not only motivate you, but he’ll walk with you towards actualizing the life you were meant to live.” Charles Lee:…

  • Rare Individual

     “Kelly Fellows embodies everything that makes Jesus smile:  Heart after God, heart after people, and unshakeable integrity!  Seldom do you find an individual in Christian leadership circles who is more the ‘full package’ – Kelly is one of those rare individuals.” Jeanne Mayo: Youth Communicator & Coach President of

  • Social Media is Here

    As a parent, youth worker and communicator I am fully involved with social media. I admit, it is hard to keep up especially when it changes so often and so quickly. Here is a brief overview on how “social media is here:” Unless you have been under a rock for the past 5+ years, you…