Purity Curriculum

68956_487442287966204_397287742_nLast month I was part of 2 camps in the beautiful mountains of So Cal. The programs at Camp Cedar Crest were hosted by SW NextGen (District Youth Ministries for Foursquare Churches.) The uniqueness of these particular camps were that they were designed with a separate weekend specifically for teen guys and a second weekend specifically for teen girls. They were amazing weekends. Issues that were unique to guys and gals were able to be addressed.

One of the requests I received from a number of leaders was for follow-up materials to help in the mentoring process of these young men & young ladies after the great mountain-top experience. First person I txt was my friend and mentor, Dr. Jim Burns. He recommended something for not only guys but for girls too.

In 2008, Dr. Jim Burns released a book entitled “The Purity Code: God’s Plan for Sex and your body.” It is a book written for teens. The intent is for parents & youth leaders to read the book together with their teenager, The book answers questions like: What do the changes in my body mean? Am I old enough to go out on a date? How far is too far? What do I do if I think I’ve been sexually abused? Can I get an S.T.D. without having sex? They’re probably some of the most embarrassing questions, but honest answers are needed to make the important decision to keep body, mind, eyes, and heart pure. The book is available on Amazon in paperback or downloadable to Kindle. There is also an audio-book available here:
“Purity Code” on Amazon

A 6-week companion curriculum is available for all youth groups & small groups. It is FREE to download at the following web-site:
I highly recommend this resource to churches and families to help pass on God’s Ways to the Next Generation.



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